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Founded by guitarist and songwriter Daniel Dalley in 1994 POWER is inspired by the likes of Megadeth, King Diamond, Cacophony and cinematic horror movie film scores. POWER music is based around visual Apocalyptic lyrical themes driven by "in your face" pounding metal music with soaring vocals and guitars with occasional haunting keys. Vocals are handled by acclaimed metal singer Alan Tecchio known for his past work with the bands Watchtower and Hades (among others), as he offers some of his best and most inspired work to date on these new POWER recordings.

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Daniel Dalley is an American metal guitarist and songwriter who's music and playing have a decidedly European style and vibe.


With influences ranging from King Diamond, Megadeth and Malmsteen to JS Bach and Jerry Goldsmith(horror-movie score composer), Dalley's music is both visual as well as heavy. What matters to him first and foremost though are "the songs" and creating an atmosphere with the music.

The music he creates of his band POWER is his artistic purpose. Whether its the bombastic drive of the drums & guitars or the haunting interlude arrangements, POWER's music is sure to be appealing to the lovers of "Metal" looking for an inspired sonic journey.

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Alan Tecchio

Alan Tecchio is an American metal singer who is very well known in the metal scene through the years. Highly regarded as one of the best full range singer's in metal, Alan has fronted the much respected bands Watchtower and Hades as well as several others.


Alan's unmistakable vocal style is displayed in perfect compliment with POWER's music on these latest recordings. Influenced by the likes of Halford, Dickenson and others, his soaring upper-range vocals over a foundation of heavy rhythm's will definitely showcase his unique full-bore vocal style and sure to appeal to the fans of that metal genre.

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Hands Over TimePOWER
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Deceiver of TruthPOWER
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